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Spire Denver

Spire | Denver

Spire Denver Vulnerable. That is how I felt the first time I stepped out onto a balcony on the 42nd floor of Spire Denver just a few years ago. When I watch people walk out onto the same balcony, exposing themselves as I did, I see those who hesitate, some lean over right away, some […]

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Touring Denver Public Art on a Scooter

The tour started at Civic Center Park, right in front of Denver’s City and County Building. The streets on the way were quiet, the park was quiet. I rode in thinking I wished I had my gloves, and one more cup of coffee on this beautiful autumn Sunday. We were out late the night before […]


Denver Real Estate Market Statistics for the First Quarter of 2015

It is already can’t believe the first quarter of 2015 is gone. I feel like I haven’t kept in touch so I want to give you a quick update on what is happening in my world. I moved to Slifer, Smith & Frampton at the end of the year. I am thrilled to have an […]

Boulevard One

Boulevard One Lowry Townhouses | Denver

Boulevard One is the last parcel in Lowry to be developed. Boulevard One will become home 800+ individuals. The parcel is slated to hold approximately 120 single family homes, 230 rowhouses or townhouses and 450 apartments, along with a a community plaza, a few parks, retail shops and of course paths to all the surrounding […]

Denver Street Sweeping

Denver Street Sweeping Starts in April

Just a reminder, Denver street sweeping starts in April every year and goes through November. It is only one day during the month, so check to make sure you know which day. If you don’t know how to set your calendar reminders up you can go to the city site and they will set a […]